Drought, Fire Ban, 70+ degree Weather in Winter!

Last year (midsummer) I built our fire pit and the very next day, a no burning ban was established until further notice….we had all the firewood ready for a fire that evening!

I don’t live in or near Gatlinburg/Pigeon Forge, Tennessee, but, our mountains lost a lot of acreage due to fires.  We could see them burning in the early morning while driving to work and evening, experienced heavy thick smoke and I watched the Black Hawk helicopters run their routes from the mountain to the lake every day from my back yard.  Part of the mountain that was burning is in front of our house and the lake is at the back of our house.  My daughter lives on the mountain with the burning fires 2 miles from her home and lives about 7-10 mins from me.  It was a very trying, gut wrenching, terrifying time.  With countless hours of work by the firemen/firewomen, finally some rain and the grace of our Heavenly Father, fires were put out and no one lost their homes or lives.

Now it’s almost spring, weather is still fairly warm (last Friday the high 79!) do I dare use my firepit now??  Hmmm…..I will probably have to wait due to you know, rain, rain…..then – “April showers bring May flowers” rain.  Then it will be too hot.  Of course, it is raining to day, rained yesterday and severe weather tomorrow.

I’m sure I will get to use it sometime this year but have been a little disappointed.  I can’t find my pictures of the firepit but will add some later.

I did find these signs on Pintrest and think I need to make one!




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