Treasures Are All Around Us

To me, these treasures feel like home, comfort and says

Related image

DIY Chippy Patina - White Lace Cottage:

This is one of my favorite little chairs.  My youngest daughter use to play dress up and have tea parties with her dolls.  I loved watching and listening to her play.


Stunning large-scale panelled mirror doors with arched tops and transom, in distressed and chipping green paint finish:

Patio Shabby Chic Cottage Decorating Design: Long weathered white outdoor table with benches on a porch..great space!: the table: 100+ Awesome DIY Shabby Chic Furniture Makeover Ideas ⋆ Crafts and DIY Ideas:

Think I will be putting myself on a new mission and look for a table similar to these, simply beautiful!


My door which I am very much in love with, is still in the same location – waiting on me.  Patience little one, your time will come.


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