Eating Dinner Together At The Table As A Family

I would like to reflect on the thought of eating dinner as a family at the table.  Have we forgotten?  Is it too inconvenient?  Unnecessary?  Growing up we were never allowed to eat in the living room or bedroom.  We sat down at the table.   My mom never asked what did we want for dinner.  We ate whatever meal was prepared and without complaint.  If we didn’t like it, we didn’t eat….now we didn’t by no means starve but we learned real quick  what “eat your dinner” meant.

I am very much guilty of asking what would you like for dinner, too many times with my grand kids.  My daughters ate what I cooked without a menu or special request, why on earth do I do this with my grand kids?  I don’t have the answer.

My husband and I don’t eat in front of the TV or have it blasting in another room, have our cell phones, tablets etc.  We sit down at our table talk about our day or plans for the weekend and enjoy each others company and occasionally play music.

Last year at Christmas my family got together at our house.  I told my sisters that we don’t allow people to eat on the couch or in the living room.  Immediately my youngest sister made that announcement, I was hoping she would be more discreet…  I had the seating arrangements planned out in my head but of course, that didn’t go accordingly. Instead, everyone sat where they wanted.  As I was observing and listening, it occurred to me that for the first time that I could recall, my family (not including my children) were eating at the table together their first time. I had Christmas music playing, there was laughter, a spill, food dropped on the floor, seconds and thirds and the making of wonderful memories.

I love that our family still carries on the tradition of eating at the dinner table and enjoy each others company.  By sitting down as a family, I have learned many secrets, been surprised by friendships, break ups, the hurt my girls have been dealing with and frustration on the job.  Dinner time to me, is like reading another chapter in the book of life and am always looking for a happy ending.

Here is our delightful dinner table made by wonderful husband.



and other tables I think would be a delight to sit down and eat dinner.

Via Pinterest ~



Found this book from Amazon

According to Amazon, this book has received some great reviews.  I haven’t read it but will put it on my to do list. Maybe if someone has read it, you could leave a thought.

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