Indecisiveness….It can get the best of you

A few weeks ago I changed out my mantel and thought I had it ready for summer.  After looking more closely around my living room yesterday, I’ve decided I don’t like it and am probably going to change it.  Dilemma …..I really don’t know what I’m going for or how I am going to redecorate it.  After I change it from winter to spring/summer, it stays until fall.  I haven’t been in this predicament before and scratching my head wondering now what.  I’ve be scouring Pintrest and other resources but so far, nothing has caught my eye or liking.  My decor is made up of so many styles.  Farmhouse, Classic, Traditional, Cottage and a touch of eclectic.  I love mixing up the styles and the challenges it provides.  That way, I’m always rediscovering new ideas!  As I sit here repeatedly saying hmmmm to myself, I will take everything down and start with a clean slate.

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