Kitchen Update

As I have mentioned before, we are in the process of renovating our kitchen. If you have never had the pleasure or joy of trying to make over a room in a 95 year old house, you haven’t a clue what surprise, head scratching, confused look, what were they thinking or how did they do that challenge awaits you. We discovered that part of our wall was covered by a thin piece of paneling (bead board) that’s all nothing more, but halfway above the paneling was sheet rock….shaking our heads and wondering why? Some of the walls are plastered and some well, not sure! The door facings…I mean I am by no means a carpenter, construction contractor, builder or architect but I can tell they were so way off.  The bracing on the doors…did someone really use rocks or scrap pieces of something to brace the side of the frame? But without discouragement we are going forward. All the walls are patched, sealed, repaired and sheet rocked where needed.  Robin is building new door frames for all three entryways.

We decided on concrete flooring. We have looked at all options and feel this is the best solution. With two dogs – one large and one medium that are primarily inside dogs but during spring and summer they are outside with us every waking second, and a good size family which spends a lot of time in the kitchen when we are together and 4 adventurous / messy grand kids – this was the final decision.  I’m debating on the color, should I stain it or go natural?  I am doing the farmhouse style with white cabinets/walls and stainless steal appliances.

I’m still very excited about the outcome and will be sharing pictures when we get closer to being finished.


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