As my granddaughter put it yesterday….My brain is scrambled!

I thought setting up this blog was going to be a breeze!  Little did I know how wrong I was.  A looooong time ago oh about 2005 my sister and I use to blog.  Alright more like journal keeping.  But, she could design, manipulate, add, change anything and everything we wanted.  So we thought, hee-hee we got this.  Well, after about 5-6 hours of trying to get the template set we looked at each other and said, enough! In agreement we walked away.  I am somewhat ok with the new look but still have a lot of tweaking and improving to do.  Hopefully between the two of us, we will get this perfected.

In the mean time….here are some pictures to include the gallery wall going up to the landing I changed out from winter to my new summer look.  I love it!  I moved my “Robin’s Nest” banner from the mantle to this window and couldn’t be happier!





I made the wreath that is hanging on believe it or not, an original window from our house.  I managed to salvage it after new windows were installed many years ago.  Unfortunately, this was the only one that was rescued.  I wished I had the rest….

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