I think my mantle changes more than my hairstyle….

Our house was built in 1921 and has all the warmth, comfort and yes headaches of an old house.  As I’ve mentioned earlier, we are in the process of remodeling the kitchen. This has turned into a big job but having a very handy who can do anything husband, is getting the job done!  I can not express to you or him how much he means to me by being able to tackle such a job!

The reason for this post is, I did it…I took down the winter decor (that I could get to) dinning room, well let’s not even talk or think about that area for now…..and started putting up well summer decor.  I don’t do the valentine/spring theme even though I have all the makings for such an occasion.  Instead, I decided to go ahead with summer. I started working in the living room on the fireplace mantel with built in bookcases which is a huge focal point in the house. I’m not sure if this is what I want but for now….this is the beginning.  You may notice in the pictures toys and movies in one set of built ins (yes toys – for the grand kids) and snow globes in the other.  My youngest daughter use to collect snow globes and after marrying and moving out of the house, she asked me to hold on them until they get their on home.  I gladly said yes and thought hey – why not put them in the built ins….and so there they wait.  The grand kids love looking at them through the glass doors and I’m happy because they are safe from little curious fingers and hands.

I have pictures of the styles my fireplace/mantel has gone through since September.

Fall –

Christmas –

Winter –

Summer –

We do get a tremendous amount of light through these small windows….sorry for the glare!

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