A five year old, 20 month old and my husband has fallen in love with our bread maker.

Yesterday was an exhausting day! Whew – I have been out practice keeping two small children at the same time for a while now.  Don’t get me wrong, my granddaughters spends the weekend with us but I normally have them one at a time for reason….

So I thought moving all our activities to the upstairs would be brilliant! Toys – check, movies – check, 2 bathrooms – check, baby gate for the steps – check.  After the morning drop off and breakfast complete the three of us climbed the steps with additional items in hand to settle in for the day.

The oldest one wanted to play barbies. It has been decades for me of sitting in the floor for hours at a time playing barbies.  Needless to say, I wasn’t playing right so I was no longer fun-Ok!  All the time while attempting to play barbies remember the 20 month old was wanting to play as well.  It was like wrestling an alligator.  She was dumping this over or destroying the house set up, climbing all over us, putting stuff in her mouth just to be silly.  I was instructed by the five year old that she needed alone time so she could play and I need to take her sister to the other room.  Hmm…I think did she politely ask us to leave or insultingly told us to leave – they grow up to fast these days. So sister and I went into the other bedroom put a movie on Toy Story 3 which is the marathon of all movie marathons for this child.  I remember when her mother and aunt became hooked on movies and oh the pain of watching them 5 zillion times!!!  Still I wouldn’t change any of those memories.  Big sister heard singing, noise from dancing, clapping of hands coming from the bedroom.  She decided to take a look.  Piling upon the bed she said, well I guess I can watch this movie again even though I’ve seen it a 100 times.  So here we are all settled in for a few hours of quiet movie time – NOT.  I hear I’m hungry, I need a drink, I poo!

Off I go climbing over the baby gate downstairs to get peanut butter crackers, juice. etc. (There were several factors I didn’t put into place when planning my brilliant scheme of staying upstairs for the day. I didn’t want my living room destroyed, and upstairs had more room for playing – so great idea).  For some reason unbeknownst to me, I didn’t think about spilled juice cups, cracker crumbs, changing poo diapers and taking them out to trash because of the toxic fumes!  etc.  Climbing over the baby gate going up and down the stairs went on for hours and hours and hours….so it seemed.

During nap time and lunch, I managed to put in my bread maker which I haven’t used in years, a sourdough bread recipe-my favorite.  The aroma coming from the kitchen was heavenly.  My husband had seen me carrying the bread maker into the dinning room when packing/taking everything out the kitchen for demo a few days earlier and was intrigued.  I told him how I use to make wonderful varieties of bread all the time. But for some reason stopped.  I think it happened when I started working more hours, becoming involved in all the girls activities, completely forgetting about it or maybe I had lost some of the passion of what I use to love to do….

After the joyous celebrated arrival of mom by all of us (two girls and me) my day continued on.  After a few minutes of quietness had settled in, I realized the time – jumped up to start making dinner and said “oh that hurt”, reaching to get this or that, and thought wow that’s sore….then sat down to eat with a very slowly hang on the side of the table exercise.  Robin and I discussed how our days went, I explained to him the process of the bread maker and baking bread.  He loved the bread and was so inspired that he started coming up with all kinds of ideas and ingredients for bread.  I couldn’t stop smiling at him.  It makes me so very happy when he enjoys his meals and becomes passionately involved with baking or cooking, and yes decorating.

Suddenly his expression changed and put his hand on my face and says babe you look tired.   That was the truth.  I was worn out!  I wouldn’t have it any other way….

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