Overcast skies, hot coffee, a day of …

We have been experiencing Spring weather since mid/late November – to date.  We have had a few chilly/cold nights and days but overall it’s been unexplained beautiful weather. For the most part we have stayed in the mid to upper 60’s and occasionally 70!  and I don’t live in or close to Florida. Today however, its a damp, cloudy 51 and I’m missing that sun.

I don’t have an exciting story to tell just a decorating thought.  I have acquired an old door which I love. The details are perfect for me but I’m thinking should I completely remove all the old chipping paint and leave it in rough form or just let the paint chips fall every time I change the decor on it.  I’m not sure if I want to give it a fresh new coat of paint and loose the stories or keep the old paint on and maybe seal it.  For now I have it propped up in my dinning room still trying to decide on what plans I am making for it.  I eventually will hang it on a barn door hanger.

My oldest daughter came in took one look at it and said why do you have door in the dinning room?  I gasped and said it’s part of my decor.  She fluffed that comment off by saying, Mom it’s a door.  Oh! I disregarded her comment and thought I like it, it’s going to stay and when I’m finished she will say oh wow, that looks great.

Yes I think of layers of paint, wallpaper, carpet, hardwood, tile…..old / new house as stories and memories made or waiting to be made. I can feel the love and warmth this house gives me every time I walk in door. I have raised my two daughters here and now get to share it with my grandchildren.  It’s a lovely feeling and always makes me smile.




5 thoughts on “Overcast skies, hot coffee, a day of …

  1. Let me start by saying, I am one of the daughters. Yes…the one that questioned why there was a door in the dining room…. also the mother of her biggest fan (5 year old granddaughter) and the wild, never stopping 20 month old. I am so thrilled that my mom has finally started doing something that is her passion. This is where her heart truly is. Not only in decorating, but in the story telling of what I still refer to as “home”. I can remember moving into this house, I don’t know if mom even knows….I remember looking at it with the realtor. I remember thinking as we walked around this huge mansion (to my 7 year old eyes) wow!!! This house is perfect. Little did I know then, that it truly was going to be the perfect house to grow up in. If walls could talk… those walls have so many secrets and stories. Memories……. so many memories. Those walls have seen it all, from sibling arguments, getting ready for prom, practicing softball in the back yard, to being my audience as I performed my debut solo on the clarinet. I’ve moved out and back in several times throughout my life…. I slept there the night before my wedding, as well as the night before I filed for divorce. I brought both of my girls home there. That house isn’t just a structure…. its a safe haven. For me anyway… I tend to be a little sentimental like my mom. There’s nothing like home…Now even though I have a home of my own with my family, you still can’t ever replace your childhood home. The smell, the feel… I promise every time I walk through the doors, those walls hug me and say welcome back. Yes, the memories are something that no one can ever take away, but those memories wouldn’t be half of what they are without the touch of my mom everywhere through the house. The little birds that sit somewhere hidden in every room. The colors on the walls that just make you say “ahhh” with relaxation, the little touches here and there that I would have never dreamed could be part of the decor. My mom is truly talented in everything she does… but the house… they were meant for each. I love reading her stories about the house, because I literally go back in time. But I also love that, that home is where my kids go to see Nana and make memories of their own. Its the place for family gatherings with my sister and her family. The place with the walls that will forever by my protecting armor.

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  2. What a great testimonial from your daughter, Robin. I was just going to say that I think the door looks great just the way it is! But I am sure that whatever you do to it, it will look great! I know that sooner or later, I my read another post of yours where you just dove right in and made it look fabulous all over again. 😉

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