Long flannel night gown, rubber boots, barn coat and a runaway dog~

Scarlett my sweet baby girl who you met in an earlier post, and an inside dog, decided after morning feeding she was going on a wild adventure.  She goes outside but has a pen for running and playing.

I don’t live on a vast amount of land.  As a matter of fact I live in a somewhat rural area with houses around me, an elementary school one block in front of the house, cut across the back yard cross over a creek that feeds into a lake and you will be in a park / walking track combo – equipped with a playground and last but not least baseball/softball fields. I have lived here since 1992 and knew the minute I saw this house…it was going to be mine.  We will save this story for another time and place…

Any who-I’m putting on my coat and boots while still in my flannel gown heading out the door to bring Scarlett in after feeding when I see a white flash out the corner of my eye making a lighting get away.  GREAT perfect timing – school traffic in full force! Here I go running up the road after this ball of fire with no dignity and you guessed it every one slowing down to take a look (just in case they recognized me) and check out what’s going on.

I’m yelling at this dog to sit or stay but no….onward or more like CHARGE! her only thought.  As I caught up to her, she completely ignoring my commands, decided to make a quick right and ran in the road in front of traffic.  I’m screaming now to the point that any one within a 5 mile radius or was still asleep could hear me.  Scarlett who knew that play time was over reached safe ground, laid down and waited for my arrival.  As I reached our for her I was shaking so hard from anger, fear and frustration she dare not move.  I gathered her up by the collar put on her leash and stood there in the neighbors yard for a second crying.  I looked at her and said “I love you so much” and then said COME ON in that voice that only a mother can produce.  She did not hesitate and without any objection proceeded to following me back to the house.

Now, the parents who dropped their children off at school and making the loop back down the street in front of the house,  may have sighed a little sigh of relief but still had no problem gandering a second more just to make sure they didn’t recognize me.  Me, a mission in mind – you get your butt in that house attitude, walking a fast stern pace, never looked back.

I am thankful that no one got hurt and was safe.  However, the emotions I felt were immeasurable.

I got Scarlett when she was 6 weeks old from the animal hospital I worked at because the person that found her on the side of a busy downtown intersection didn’t want her after discovering the puppy had worms.  It was love at first sight for me and still is today….

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